Programming languages and work opportunities

What is the best programming language to learn these days? this is a question that I hear all the time and this question usually generates all sorts of responses, both good and bad. The reality is that when people ask that question they do it for different reasons and so there is no right answer. … Continue reading

Phone Screen Interview

When you are hiring a developer and start looking at resumes or LinkedIn profiles it is very common to find people with a great resume or professional profile – but be careful because having a great looking resume or awesome LinkedIn profile doesn’t always translates into greatness – this guy must be great, it has … Continue reading

The Developers and Designers Group

Hello fellow techie. You are a software developer, a designer, or maybe a UI or UX designer or engineer (yes, there is a difference!) and probably belong to many groups in sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc… and if you are as unlucky as I am you probably agree that most of these groups are irrelevant … Continue reading

Tips for the Deskbound

The definition for deskbound from different sources: restricted to working in an office, rather than in an active, physical capacity. engaged in or involving sedentary work, as at an office desk restricted to work at a desk unfamiliar with actualities or practical matters outside one’s own job:  deskbound executives who can’t grasp production problems. You get the idea, being deskbound is not really for the active or adventurous types … Continue reading

Use your time wisely, it is a finite resource

Everybody talks about productivity and optimization these days. The get things done (GTD) popularity has been around since I can remember and most of us are still suffering of constant distractions that affect our productivity and concentration to perform our professional or personal tasks effectively. Also, there are many tools these days that claim they can help you … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship has become too fashionable

It used to be that people who ventured with startups were hardcore entrepreneurs, those who did it out of necessity or because the idea of having a college degree or a successful career was in some cases not even an option. Many times what drove people to start companies in those days was a strong … Continue reading