The Developers and Designers Group

The Developers and Designers Group by OnTechiesHello fellow techie. You are a software developer, a designer, or maybe a UI or UX designer or engineer (yes, there is a difference!) and probably belong to many groups in sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc… and if you are as unlucky as I am you probably agree that most of these groups are irrelevant as they basically provide no value and instead bombard you with job listings and the like.

After looking around I realized that there aren’t many groups for us. There are some groups that are specific to a technology stack or programming language but not something a bit more generic for the developer/programmer/designer/engineer crowd.

I am not the type of person that seats around to wait for something to happen so there is a new Facebook group for Developers and Designers and you all are welcome to join. My promise with this group is not to allow job listings, or “selling” but instead allow for free sharing of information related to software development and engineering, UI/UX design, tips about new tools, technologies, platforms and a healthy dose of discussions about anything related to all the items I mentioned above. Yes, it is OK to geek out and discuss the best programming keyboards and text editors.

Hope you enjoy it and please invite any of your friends that might be a good fit for the group.

Click here to join the Developers and Designers group.

May the force be with you!





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