It is an overused word and very often, not recognized for what it is or what it means but instead what people want to believe it means.

Innovation is not something you teach or buy; innovation is not something a consultant will find for you or much less help you create it. You cannot capture it.

Innovation is a way of life for some people; it is the way some people see the world and the way they think and do things, from picking up groceries to creating a company.

When real innovation shows, most of us don’t even know it because we are so focused on what we always do.

Innovation is often attacked by people because people often reject change and it is commonly described as a bad idea or even as something foolish.

Innovation is all around us and if you are lucky enough to notice it, do not turn your back to it, be curious, be willing to accept it and who knows you may end up being part of it, you could just become an innovator.