Parallelism. Using Parallel.For and ConcurrentBag.

Parallelism refers to the technique of running multiple calculations at the same time to speed up a computer program. Historically, this has been a complicated thing to write requiring a developer to do complicated coding including low-level manipulation of threads and locks. A program will generally run faster if you allow it to execute multiple … Continue reading Parallelism. Using Parallel.For and ConcurrentBag.

MIX11 – A tribute to Microsoft’s Web Stack of Love!

A few weeks ago I attended MIX11 in Las Vegas. MIX is an annual event where Microsoft showcase their new web technologies. This year it was all about new versions of existing products, such as Windows Phone 7, Entity Framework, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, IIS, etc... Below is a summary of what was shared on both … Continue reading MIX11 – A tribute to Microsoft’s Web Stack of Love!