Kickstarter: Day 3

I started my first campaign on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015. So far I have 3 backers, one of them is my wife, the second is a friend and previous co-worker and the third one someone I don’t know. This post is about the changes and updates I’ve made to my still unsuccessful kickstarter campaign a few days after I started it. If you want to read about the launch click here. A few days after the launch of my first kickstarter campaign and after realizing this campaign wasn’t going to have hundreds of backers in the first few days as I first…

Kickstarter: Day 1

After thinking about writing a book for a while I finally pulled the trigger and launched a kickstarter campaign. I wrote a description, created the ugly book cover shown below using Gimp, and uploaded a video created using a notebook and a black permanent marker. I spent a lot of hours researching what a kickstarter campaign should look like. Read multiple blogs describing how to successfully launch a campaign, how to get featured on kickstarter, and even examined some of the successful kickstarter campaigns to learn how they did it.

Startups: Blog more, is good for awareness and for your health too!

Originally posted on The TechMap Blog:
It was a few years ago, late in January of 2011 to be more precise. I remember feeling stressed out about something related to work, family, and many more things that were going on at the moment, you know that feeling right? It was early in the morning and I had just sat down after boarding the light train that I used to take from north Austin to downtown Austin every morning; yes Austin has a light train and it goes from north to south and it does have Wi-Fi on board. I opened my…