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My favorite writing apps

I recently spent some time trying to find the right writing app, I ran across many of them, and while a few were very good, it wasn’t until I ran across the Bear app that I decided to stop looking.

This app makes writing enjoyable to write, and how is that you ask? Well, it has a clean interface, a not-distraction mode, markdown syntax support, and many other features such as multiple options to share, export, etc.

I have tried other writing apps before, for example, before discovering Bear I was using iA Writer, another excellent writing app. While I still use iWriter when I’m on my iMac, I started using the Bear app because it has free versions for both macOS and iOS. iA Writer supports not only Apple operating systems, but also Windows and Android, and while they offer free trials, iA Writer doesn’t have free versions. I’d gladly pay for the software I use, that’s why I paid for iA Writer for my iMac.

Other Writing Apps and Tools

Another writing tool I use every day is Grammarly, their web interface is pretty good; it is fast and clean. I started using Grammarly out of necessity since English is my second language, a tool to help me fix grammar errors, and the like is something necessary. Grammarly also offers a keyboard for iOS and a browser plugin, but in my opinion, none of those work as well as the web version. Grammarly web is an excellent tool to check your writing, but as of now, it isn’t as good as the Bear app or iA Writer for writing.

WordPress is another place where a lot of my writing takes place, and until recently, their blog post editor was my primary writing editor. I use WordPress for blogging, and their editor has improved quite a bit. It’s a good text editor, it also supports markdown, which I appreciate, but it lacks some of the features the other two writing apps have. For example, the WordPress text editor is great for writing content for your blog, but it is not mean to be used for writing and then exporting your text.

What about MS Word and Google Docs? Well, I use those too, and while they are great for general note-taking or long-form writing, their interface feels dated, and unless you take time to remove some options, the editor will be very busy, it’s not a great writing experience. Other tools I use to take notes and to write ideas are OneNote, DayOne, both awesome apps but not for general writing.  

The ideal writing app

It’s not a surprise that the perfect writing app would be, at least for me, an app that combines the best of the apps I enjoy using for writing. The ideal writing app for me would be one that incorporates the following:

 • The clean design and the distraction-free environment of iA Writer

 • The export features, smart data recognition, rich keyboard shortcuts of the Bear app

 • The AI-powered writing assistance of Grammarly,

Now, if we can combine all of those things into one application, it would be a very valuable application to me and many other writers. B

What’s your ideal writing app? Are there any other apps you use and enjoy? 

Kickstarter: Day 3

I started my first campaign on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015. So far I have 3 backers, one of them is my wife, the second is a friend and previous co-worker and the third one someone I don’t know. This post is about the changes and updates I’ve made to my still unsuccessful kickstarter campaign a few days after I started it. If you want to read about the launch click here.

A few days after the launch of my first kickstarter campaign and after realizing this campaign wasn’t going to have hundreds of backers in the first few days as I first imagined, I decided to keep spamming people sharing the kickstarter campaign. Social media and direct emails didn’t do as well as I first expected. So naive of me. The next thing on my list to get the word out about this campaign was to write and share an excerpt of the book The Undocumented Engineer, which is what my kickstarter campaign is about. Continue Reading →

Kickstarter: Day 1

After thinking about writing a book for a while I finally pulled the trigger and launched a kickstarter campaign. I wrote a description, created the ugly book cover shown below using Gimp, and uploaded a video created using a notebook and a black permanent marker. I spent a lot of hours researching what a kickstarter campaign should look like. Read multiple blogs describing how to successfully launch a campaign, how to get featured on kickstarter, and even examined some of the successful kickstarter campaigns to learn how they did it.Continue Reading →

Summer is here

The summer is here, and for those of us who have kids, it can be a time of fun and travel. At the same time, summer can be frustrating and stressful for your kids if they are not busy doing something. It does not mean you need to have their entire summer planned up, but it helps if you can find them things to do while they are home and not in a camp or a family vacation. In this post, I write about an activity I found for my kids that I think is worth sharing.Continue Reading →

Startups: Blog more, is good for awareness and for your health too!

The TechMap Blog

blogging is good for your health and awarenessIt was a few years ago, late in January of 2011 to be more precise. I remember feeling stressed out about something related to work, family, and many more things that were going on at the moment, you know that feeling right? It was early in the morning and I had just sat down after boarding the light train that I used to take from north Austin to downtown Austin every morning; yes Austin has a light train and it goes from north to south and it does have Wi-Fi on board. I opened my laptop and not knowing what to do, just started browsing the internet. At some point I found myself looking at my blog and decided to write a new post. The title is the first thing I wrote which was uncommon for me; I usually start by typing and don’t have a title until I have written…

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